Dear Yogi users, 
First, thank you for your enthusiasm with our Cloud solution. We enjoy doing support because we often witness people exploiting the maximum of the capabilities of the product, and we’re in awe of what you are doing with it.

For the reasons highlighted below, we have decided to update the pricing of our Cloud solution:

  • Requirement Yogi for Confluence Cloud: We’ve aligned the pricing to 15% of Confluence. It was previously around 8%.
  • Requirement Yogi for Jira Cloud: We’ve aligned the pricing to 5% of Jira. It was previously around 2%.

This price increase is due to a few factors:

  • We have developed new features, hired developers and stabilized the solution,
  • General inflation in our country (developer wages and skills, etc.),
  • Cost of developing for Atlassian Cloud (API limitations, framework changes, etc.),
  • We didn’t increase the pricing last year,
  • We want new customers to base their choice on the new price point.

The new pricing is also a new balance. We believe that charging little for a product with 1-2 developers will not yield satisfying results for customers. We rather believe that growing to 5-7 developers will change our ability to meet the market demand quickly. We already have published features such as calculations, linear documents, various UX changes, and a much better web presence with documentation and video tutorials. Beyond immediate deliveries, having a team who is trained in requirement management will allow us to deliver a complete solution, broadening the audience who can purchase the product.

How to limit the costs for your company?

Good news ⭐⭐⭐ ! We offer a lot of grandfathering:

  • Atlassian offers the old pricing to existing customers for 2 months, whether you are on the annual or monthly cycle;
  • If this is not enough, we are offering a discount for all customers before October ’23, to keep the existing pricing for two more years. Please send your current user tier and monthly/yearly subscription to our support, and we will return a discount code that maintains the previous price until September 2025.
  • Also note that we will still be free for instances with less than 10 users.

We would like to thank you again for joining us in this adventure and we hope to deliver satisfying results within the next months!

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The Requirement Yogi team